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Business Consultation

Every new business owner deserves an accountant to coach them through creating, maintaining, and closing a business. Our Business Consultation services includes:

  • Guide to Filing Business Formation Documents

  • Maintaining Annual Compliance Filings

  • Strategies to Avoid Unnecessary Taxation

  • Guide to Dissolving a Business

Corporate formation

Every business must begin with its choice of entity type. Do you know which entity type works best for you? Our firm can help you decide on which entity type is most appropriate for you as well as file the necessary paperwork with Federal and State Authorities. We can help you form:

  • LLCs

  • Corporations

  • Doing-Business-As names

  • Partnerships

Bank statement loan application programs

Being a business owner often complicates the mortgage approval process. We work with multiple lenders that specialize with Self-Employed borrowers applying for mortgages or refinances by:

  • Preparing Profit and Loss Statements

  • Verifying Business Ownership

  • Providing Expense to Income Ratio Letters

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