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Whether you sell handmade facial masks, provide legal advice, or are a musician, there are two things we can guarantee about your business: you earn money and you spend it. Bookkeepers help you keep track of all that.​ Tasks like managing bank reconciliations, maintaining your general ledger, or dealing with payroll can be time-consuming. You would likely prefer to spend that time on managing and growing your business.

Every business has unique needs, which is why it is important that we customize accounting services for each client. Small businesses operate under very different constraints than large corporations. Our team will work with you to understand both you and your business needs so we may devise a plan, both for bookkeeping throughout the year and during tax season, in order to cultivate the growth of your business.

Bookkeeping provides the following benefits:

  • Keep track of income and expenses

  • Audit-proof your business

  • Have timely financial statements for loan applications

  • Peace of mind knowing your books are ready for tax season

  • Better budgeting decisions

audit representation

There are times when the IRS or State Tax Authority want further explanation on the tax returns of businesses and individuals. Audits can be long and stressful situations for even the most prepared and organized taxpayers. Rather than deal with one on your own, we can work with you by:

  • Dealing with IRS Revenue Agents directly

  • Organizing and preparing your case against the tax authorities

  • Filing appeals or settling with the tax authorities

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